Scholarships are another form of gift aid. Scholarships are usually given for achievements in academics, arts, or athletics. Some might be based on financial need.  There are so many scholarships available, which means its likely you qualify for some. Searching online is a great place to start, and these websites can help: The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF), the nation's largest non-profit organization that provides scholarships to exceptional Asian and Pacific Islander Americans with financial need. - A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships and academic scholarships from colleges across the country. This online tool created by College Board can help you locate scholarships, internships, and grants, which match your education level, talents, and background. Another Place to look for millions of scholarships, Fastweb provides personalized matching of scholarships depending on your interests, talents, and career goals. - The GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine which is one of the largestdatabases of scholarships on the web. Unlike the others, GoodCall'sscholarship engine requires no personal information and it's free to use. "Scholarships can play an important role in helping you pay for college. They are free money that you can apply for and they don't have to be paid back"


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Tips in Applying for Scholarships


Here are some tips from a former students for applying for scholarships. Earning any money in scholarships helps your family's financial burdens on university/college costs.

1. Apply for all the Scholarships that you are Eligible for. Apply for even scholarships that are

   $100. They add up!


2. Stay Organized. I kept a list of each scholarship that I applied for with the amount and if I got

    the scholarship. I also kept a folder where I kept a few copies of my resume, letters of

    recommendation, transcript and personal statement.


3. Write a Good Personal Statement. I was able to use my personal statement for 20/27

    scholarships that I applied for. I wrote my personal statement on an obstacle that I was

    able to overcome.


4. Make this your job. I spent hours filling out forms and making copies of letters of rec, my

    personal statement, resume, and transcripts. Applying for scholarships is a good use of your

    time. If you are applying for a scholarship that is $2000 and you spend an hour working on it,

    then you just made yourself $2000 an hour!


5. Believe in yourself. You do not have to have the highest GPA or be in tech and full IB.

    You have to be a well-rounded person who has goals and works hard to achieve them.


6. Think Ahead. Earning scholarships can lessen or take away your student loans. Save a copy

    of all the scholarships that you applied for your younger siblings. Ask if you can reapply.


7. Never Give Up. It took me a few months to actually get a scholarship, but once I got them

    I got many. In one week I got 5 scholarships!


8. Show your Thanks. After I was awarded a scholarship (I would usually get a letter in the mail,

    sometimes a phone call) I would send out a hand made thank you card and call them.


9. Ask Questions. If you are unsure about a question on the scholarship application talk to your

     counselors. They are all really nice and more than willing to help.


10. Apply for Local Scholarships. 24/27 scholarships that I applied for were local scholarships.


11. Keep Track. Each scholarship fund has its own way of giving you the money. Some will mail

      you a check, some will want to wait to see a list of your fall class schedule, some will give

      you the check at an awards ceremony, and some will need a copy of the paper indicating

      your tuition. Create a spread sheet so you know which scholarship money you get. If you

      have not received your money for a while, politely contact the organizations (send an email

      or call asking what is the next step and if they need anything from you.)